About Us

So….. Who are we??

Roy Norton and Thomas Kasher are our real names. (Roy is 6’4″ and looks like a Giraffe, and Tom??……. Well he’s a Gok Wan look-a-like gypsy.) We are both pretty down-to-earth and hope to think we are likable chaps.  Rod ‘n’ Todd was coined by our good friend Mark Wells’ wife, Jenny. and has stuck with us to this day.

We both have a passion for all things cool, including motorcycles. We set out within this project to create a bike which filled the void of cool bikes for the younger generations, and provide a solution to appeal to exsisting riders and hopefully draw in a new crowd completely.

The Project will eventually be displayed at the New Designers 2011 show in London, but there is a lot of work has to happen between now and then. So Howay, let’s gaarn!!

Rod n Todd


6 responses to “About Us

  • Robert Cannin

    i want that bike. Please get back to me with as much information as possible. Thanks, It looks amazing!

  • willie mac

    Hey, guys, email me: tonup@comcast.net
    I am a stringer for Cafe Racer Magazine and would like to talk to you.
    I am on facebook if that is easier.
    Thanks a bunch.
    Willie Mac

  • Andy

    Been a while since your last post. Love to see how the bikes going? the render you did is so awesome! good work

  • Nick

    You have created what I have been thinking about in my head, but unable to put on paper, let alone build a model.

    I particularly like the wheels in the design, although the snowflake type fitted to the model look good as well.

    I would love to hear from you, and see if this is been taken further, or for any spec / donor parts that you used to see if I could take on a similar project myself.

    Well done

  • Basti

    Hey you guys did a grea job!
    I’m always following cafe racer websites / vintage motorcycle websites and got an own project!
    Could you give a more detailed “how to” how you work? Or maybe tips / hints where to find that in the internet?
    I espesically love your tank, its style is just amazing but i’ve never seen the clay method before?!
    good job!

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