A Feast for your Eyeballs

Final renders of our design intention…Hope you like them!


8 responses to “A Feast for your Eyeballs

  • Rob

    …plus the tank looks a bit big and the ancillary stuff a bit weak, im referring here to the head-stock, grips and levers, even the seat looks a bit small somehow. Its just a proportion thing not the general look of the components… pump up the volume if you know what I mean.

  • Smig

    Design intention looks even better than I thought it would. Definitely captures the goal in my opinion -colour even right. With the optional polished alloy tank OMG! Winner!

  • Dan

    Really nice renders guys!! Agree with Rob, proportion and bulk of the tank to the engine looks great, but swingarm, and rear doglegs in the frame look really weak, i’d bulk them up, give it a little more muscle! id even go as far as saying half the thickness again!
    Looking great! get modelling!!!

  • Graham Brotton

    Hey these are my boys! Sorry Rob & Dan, but I reckon it’s pretty much spot on. It’s retro, girder forks, single racing seat, as I had on my B.S.A. Gold Star in the ’60s. Although it has a monoshock rear end, it doesn’t look too heavy in keeping with the ’50s/’60s vintage racing bike style. The tank is reminiscent of an alloy Lyta which was the ultimate one to have in my day.I love the bar end-mounted clutch & front brake levers & the simple Norton straights-style bars. These lads know their stuff & I’m bloody proud of ’em!

  • Jeff

    That’s beast! Love it!

  • TJ

    Amazing work guys! Really looking forward to see the end result, I am definitely member of a “new crowd”!
    May the Force be with you .)

  • Tex_Willer

    What software do you use for the designs? Cheers

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