A bit More…

With more welding taking place, the rear frame and girder front end can start to take shape and the bike looks that little closer to the early renders!


Bringing Up The Rear

With the new subframe now welded, focus can be made on developing the seat, tail-unit, frame and swing-arm. Let the fun times begin!!


T.I.G Friday’s

The subframe has been mocked up and welded to the bike with help from the legend that is Graham Brotton.


Bits N’ Bobs

A few more snaps of how the project is coming along. Stripping off more parts and developing the clay…….. Enjoy!


Cookin’ Clay

After lots of prep the model is finally underway. Check out some of the initial work going into the model…

‘Inspiration Wall’

Bikes ‘n’ Bitches

Every good design studio needs an inspiration wall… something you can turn to when things get rough.

This is ours.

A Feast for your Eyeballs

Final renders of our design intention…Hope you like them!

Coming soon…

…That’s what she said.